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Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

In a busy hospital, environmental comfort and infection control are key factors for faster patient recovery and turnover. Local and international health care authorities agree micro organisms and airborne pollutants may prolong or complicate the recovery of an immuno-compromised patient.

The air-conditioning system is a highly effective mechanism for transporting these contaminants throughout the building. Water and organic materials, a natural food source for moulds and bacteria, are naturally drawn through the air-conditioning system return air and outside air ducts, mixing plenums and amplifying them on filters and coils. Pseudomonas, E.coli, Staphylococcus, Flavobacterium’s, Candida, Non Candida and Rhodotorula are some of the Isolates commonly found in and transported by these systems.

Air quality in isolation wards, operating theatres, intensive care units and other critical care rooms may also be compromised by an imbalance of space pressures. The uncontrolled movement of air will transport a steady supply of airborne contaminants into these areas.

All design, installation, maintenance and support services supplied by one company, CATA.

  • Do you have an air quality challenge right now?
  • Are you short of staff and need outside help to maintain your HVAC plant and health care environment?
  • Would you like one company to manage numerous sites thereby maintaining services consistency?
  • Is your HVAC plant contaminating your health care facility? How do you know if it isn’t?
  • Would you like to know the condition of your health care facility & HVAC plant hygiene?
  • Do you want a specialist company to manage all your air quality maintenance to an agreed plan and price?
  • Do you want a comprehensive hygiene plan to include routine testing, cleaning, maintenance, certification and monitoring of your HVAC systems and health care facility?
  • Do your air quality systems comply with recognised Australian & International standards or good industry practice?

Clean Air Technologies offers a complete approach to indoor health risk management through our full-time work force. Call us, we can help.


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