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Ducts are the “lungs” of the building. The Gram Negative group of bacteria comprise an extremely diverse range of fastidious organisms. This group of organisms are commonly isolated within the HVAC system. The presence of Gram Negative bacteria can have an adverse effect on the health of building inhabitants.

All building owners should be encouraged to undertake routine testing and visual inspection of duct systems to formulate a program of duct cleaning which pinpoints areas of concern and prioritises the work to be undertaken. The price associated with cleaning ducts should be amortised over a number of years with areas zoned on a priority basis.

Clean Air Technologies have introduced the Scantech system that provides advanced, high tech sanitised cleaning for all types of air ducts regardless of their dimension, shape or form. Brushes, rags, bouncing balls, industrial robots and fogging have all proven either unsatisfactory or cost prohibitive.
The Scantech system is based on a unique air pressured cleaning head that acts like an air knife, travelling at close range to the walls of the air duct throughout the entire system. There is little impact to the duct surface thereby avoiding the risk of physical damage.

Dirt, debris and contaminants are removed with a speed and efficiency superior to any other method. The flexibility of the system means that the time and cost for cleaning even the most difficult ventilation systems is greatly reduced for building owners, managers and contractors.

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