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Providing a supply of clean, safe, odour free air for club patrons and employees is the challenge faced by club management and maintenance staff.

Clubs and leisure facilities have complex maintenance needs given there are numerous kitchens, drinking areas, smoking areas, gymnasiums and indoor pools. Some of the key issues faced by clubs are odour control, tobacco smoking restrictions and OH & S compliance with regard providing healthy clean air for club employees.

Maintaining the hygiene level of the HVAC system is paramount to providing a healthy clean air environment. Pseudomonas, E.coli, Staphylococcus, Flavobacterium's, Candida, Non Candida and Rhodotorula are some of the bacteria that Isolate within HVAC systems. Water and organic material are natural food sources for such moulds and bacteria. These nutrients are drawn in through return and outside air intakes.

The key to maintaining the hygiene levels of a HVAC system is to reduce the amount of nutrients that enter the system, and clean and treat regularly system components. Surface Microbiological Testing and Airborne Microbiological testing will help determine what areas of the system need the most attention and budgetary spending. Our Environmental Monitoring team can also provide monitoring of Environmental Tobacco Smoke levels within various areas of the club.

Clean Air Technologies brings together it's own team of full-time engineers, indoor hygienists and service technicians to offer a seamless approach to IAQ management. Our cost minimising approach is simple:

  • You have one point of contact - we manage all air quality services in-house.
  • Minimise unnecessary costs by undertaking an air quality audit to establish the condition of the building and plant.
  • We identify critical repairs and maintenance only.
  • All costs are firm for the duration of the contract and divided evenly over the year.

All design, installation, maintenance and support services are supplied by one company, CATA.

  • Are you short of staff and need outside help to maintain your HVAC plant and building environment?
  • Do you have pressurisation issues in controlling tobacco smoke?
  • Are you drawing kitchen exhaust, garbage room or other pungent odours into your building?
  • Does your kitchen exhaust system meet council/insurance requirements?
  • Do you want a specialist company to manage all your air quality maintenance to an agreed plan and price?
  • Do you want a comprehensive hygiene plan to include routine testing, cleaning, maintenance, certification and monitoring of your HVAC systems and building?
  • Do your air filters comply with AS3666 and AS1324?

Clean Air Technologies offers a complete approach to indoor health risk management through our full-time work force. Call us, we can help.



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