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HVAC testing


HVAC testingBalancing & Commissioning

CATA provides air balancing of HVAC systems and controlled environments for the improvement of systems performance, commissioning, mitigating IAQ problems, extending equipment life, and conserving energy without sacrificing occupancy comfort. This is especially important in an era where energy efficiency and occupant comfort are of prime importance.

CATA believes that a total system balance and comprehensive commissioning is an imperative component in assuring that the entire environment produces its design result. The proper use of instruments, evaluation of readings, and adjusting systems requires highly trained professionals with years of experience in both air balancing and commissioning and certification. Our engineers and technicians are thoroughly trained in accordance with national and international standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, technical experience, and professionalism enables us to competently and efficiently meet customers' needs while providing a non-biased evaluation of operational performance levels.

Our HVAC testing, adjusting, and balancing services includes:

  • Air flow measurement and balancing
  • Water flow measurement and balancing
  • Plant and equipment startup and operation
  • Room pressures and differential pressure setup
  • Rotating equipment testing and balancing
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