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IAQ Testing Services

“Concern for the health of the occupants shows due diligence in pursuit of a healthy environment.” SMACNA 1998

Understanding the indoor environments of clubs, hospitals, manufacturing and commercial facilities is vitally important. Each and every facility has a different risk profile and industry based guidelines that must be met to guarantee a safe indoor environment.

Testing provides a means of understanding the hygiene at a particular point in time. The information gained by conducting testing can then be used to prioritise any remedial work. Prioritising the scope of works allows for the best use of maintenance budgets. Routine testing also provides a means of establishing future budgets.

Our environmental team work closely with key site personnel. Within a hospital environment we must liase closely with both the engineering and infection control departments, whereas in manufacturing plants, input is required from the quality, maintenance and production management.

Guide to our testing capabilities

• Comfort Parameters – eg humidity/temperature
• Infiltration and occupant generated gases – eg carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
• Specific Airborne Contaminants – eg Production gases and particulates
• Biological Analysis of surfaces and air
• Cooling Tower Testing and analysis
• Short and long term monitoring of contaminants

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